Windows 8 Tablet May Be Released by Asus

Earlier reports that Asus (TPE:2357) will release a Windows 8 tablet within the year were recently confirmed by the company. Although Windows 8 will not be released until the later part of the year, it appears that Asus is going to be among the manufacturers that will utilize this non-Apple operating system from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).

Asus is the tablet manufacturer that made the latest Tegra 3 microprocessor as well as the much-anticipated Transformer Prime. Reports have hinted that a new tablet will be released by the company before the end of the year that will utilize the unreleased Windows 8 OS of Microsoft.

A recent presentation of the company in Taiwan substantiated the earlier reports that the company will go up against the iPad of Apple using the Windows 8 OS even as it aims to continue offering its Android-powered devices in the market.

The report has also revealed that the unreleased Windows 8-powered tablet from Asus will reportedly come with a new design. The device will reportedly utilize an ARM microprocessor once it is released into the market.

The report has further revealed that the company has assigned around 150 employees for the development of the tablet that will utilize the Windows 8 OS. In contrast, the company has around 400 employees working on the development of Android-powered devices.

Aside from the Windows 8 tablet, the company is reportedly working on another Android tablet which will come with a much smaller screen at seven inches which will be released within the month. This upcoming tablet will reportedly utilize the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

This reported Android tablet will reportedly be dubbed as ‘Memo’ according to reports. In addition to this smaller Android tablet and the Windows 8 tablet, the company is also set to release a 3G version of the Transformer Prime within the quarter along with a high-resolution Android tablet although no specific release date was indicated.

Windows 8 Tablet May Be Released by Asus