US Airfares Surge on Holiday Demand

Fueled by the holiday demand, airlines have hiked the airfares by almost 59 per cent, according to information from a popular travel site. People who were not flying for leisure or visiting friends and family during the downturn are now back to booking their tickets. Earlier airlines had reduced the number of seats to cut back on costs and now that demand has outdone supply, the airlines are making the most of the situation.

“Domestic airfares hit bottom in May 2009, were relatively low for Thanksgiving last year and now have crept up,” says Rick Seaney, president of

On some sectors analyzed by the travel site showed that the tariff is 59 per cent higher than 2009 for this holiday season.  Air fares have gone up by an average of 17 per cent  on  sectors between  50 cities for travel before Turkey day, before Christmas and the first week of January.

The price increase is more on routes which have a heavier demand on sectors connecting major cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Passengers buying a round trip fare between Boston and Minneapolis on November 1 for travel a day before Thanksgiving and two days before Christmas found that the cheapest fare was $845.  The fares on Delta were  59 per cent more expensive than last year.

Similarly, US Airways and AirTran Airways are charging $522 for travel between Philadelphia and Orlando for November 24 departures and November 28 arrivals, a 59 percent increase. The other traffic dense routes which were analyzed were New York-Los Angeles, NewYork-San Francisco and Chicago-San Francisco.  The average airfare increase was 30 per cent more than last year, for the coming festive season.