Nano-Sim Issues may Delay iPhone 5 Release

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The next generation iPhone 5 from Apple is rumored to be launched in the month of June. However, there might be a delay in the manufacturing process.

Due to some concerns, the ETSI, a commission in Europe that grants standards in technology, has postponed a vote on implementing Apple’s latest “nano sim.” Moreover, iPhone 5 News Blog said that Nokia might also cause a delay because of the nano sim design options they presented.

Implications of June iPhone 5 Release to iPhone Users of Verizon

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Several sources as of the moment are quite certain that the iPhone 5 will be released by June. Although this is good news for most Apple fans and followers who have been anxiously waiting for the newest iPhone version, a June release comes with upgrade issues for AT&T and Verizon subscribers who currently owns the iPhone 4S.

June iPhone 5 Release Remains a Guess

The rumor about the release of the iPhone 5 still revolves around the idea that it may be out by June or the early months of the Fall season. However, until real proof comes out that manufacturing in Asia is already starting, any speculations remains as a theory. Looking at all the iPhone 5 rumors out there, the least accurate may be those that talk about its release date.

May iPhone 5 Release Seem Illogical but better than a Launch in Fall

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A recent report on the iPhone 5 is saying that there is a possibility for it to be released by May and its production at Foxconn is ongoing. Although a May release does not seem to be logical, it is still a better claim than saying that the newest iPhone version will not be released until the Fall season of this year.

2011 Speculations awaiting iPhone 5 Release

Orders Reportedly Start for Bigger Displays on iPhone 5

2011 was the year when Macworld readers awaited for iPhone 5, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. With their strong anticipation, there were plenty of rumors and speculations about the features and specifications of the new iPhone that developed.