HTC Edge to Beat Other Android Smartphone Rivals

Telstra To Offer HTC One XL In Australia

As the Galaxy Nexus of Samsung seems to be selling very well and the Droid Razr of Motorola is undoubtedly becoming a popular choice because of its hardware, the Rezound of HTC looks overshadowed by the two devices in the line of products being offered by Verizon Wireless. The problem of HTC may even be more aggravated by the possibility of the iPhone 5’s release in the coming months.

HTC Edge may Feature a Voice Activated App Similar to Siri

HTC Endeavor

Last week, a leak came out of the soon to be launched HTC Endeavor or HTC Edge that was available for download. With it came plenty of surprises and goodies such as the many images of the HTC Sense UI 4.0. However, the most interesting part of the leak was the inclusion of the app called the HTC Speak which hints that the company is coming up with a voice and speaking application to their product that can compete with the Siri feature of Apple.

Possible February Launch for HTC Edge

Telstra To Offer HTC One XL In Australia

HTC Edge may be launched by HTC (TPE:2498) in the coming weeks together with a number of smartphones that feature quad-cores. These upcoming smartphones including the HTC Edge may be unveiled by HTC during the Mobile World Congress, which is a huge mobile trade event that will be held in Barcelona this coming February 27.