Stereotype Change With New Marketing Campaign of Harley Davidson

Practically all companies that have a marketing division currently have some knowledge about social media, which does not make it surprising for Harley Davidson to have a Twitter account that is used to increase its sales. The connection that Harley Davidson or The Motor Company has with its customers has made it sensible for the company to maintain a Facebook account.

According to Willie G. Davidson, the company knows their clients by name, which allowed it to connect with its clients well. The Facebook account of Harley Davidson has around 3.3 million friends, which is typical since the number of Americans with the well-known black-and-orange logo tattoo is more than the number of Facebook friends that the company has on its account.

However it appears that the Facebook friends of Harley Davidson is not anymore limited to individuals who may be considered as the toughies in the neighborhood as more young professionals have started to become more prevalent among the fans of The Motor Company.

The stereotypes among Harley Davidson clients will change with the latest marketing campaign of the company. The latest marketing strategy, which is known as ‘E Pluribus Unum’, which means ‘out of many, one’, was made through the new Facebook crowd-sourcing app known as Fan Machine that allowed Tweeters to look into the ads of the company, rate it and give suggestions on enhancing it.

The latest Harley Davidson marketing campaign shows the different side of people who have broken through the traditional social barrier for owners of motorcycles. An honor student, a police officer, a teacher, and other people who may not be viewed as a motorcycle owner are featured on the micro-site of the company.

The message of Harley Davidson is that the company is no longer limited to a select group of individuals that highlighted a group of Boomers who took over the brand in the last twenty years. The company is about everyone.

The marketing campaign appeared to be working since Harley Davidson became the top brand in the 651 cubic-centimeter and above section among young people. According to the chief marketing officer of Harley Davidson, sales of the company among young adults were higher compared to the generation of the Baby Boomers.

Female buyers of Harley Davison have also increased while more Hispanics and African-Americans buy a Harley Davidson bike compared to other brands.

The most popular model among the new buyers was a top of the time model, the Street Glide. The popularity of this particular model of the Harley Davidson has impressed some observers since its price was higher compared to the Sportster, which observers would have thought to be more popular since it was more reasonably-priced.

The latest marketing campaign shows the seriousness of Harley Davidson in increasing its reach in the market, which may be successful inasmuch as it has attracted more individuals who are not typically seen to acquire this brand of motorcycle.