Set Up Guide For iCloud Released by Apple

In an effort to facilitate the setup of its iCloud service for users, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has recently posted a setup guide for users who want to utilize the service on their iOS and Mac devices. The setup guide gives an explanation on how users can get the iCloud service to work on their iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Mac and even a PC.

Before starting with the setup for the iCloud service, it will be necessary for users to upgrade to the iTunes 10.5 before upgrading their Apple devices to the iOS 5.

However, the recent issues that faced a number of users with the iOS 5, installing the most recent version of the mobile OS of Apple may prove to be a bit challenging.

After the iOS 5 has been installed and is already running, users will simply follow the procedures that will reportedly pop up on the device in order to setup their access to the iCloud service. Once users have setup their access to the iCloud service, they will have the option of backing up their devices on a daily basis through a Wi-Fi connection.

The setting for the iCloud service is also customizable where users will be able to select the particular content that they would want to be backed up on the cloud. Automatic downloads can also be setup to allow users to automatically download content that they purchase through iTunes.

It will also be necessary for Mac users to have the most recent version of the Mac OS X Lion in order to have optimal use of the iCloud service of Apple. Once the OS X Lion is updated, users can open the icon for the iCloud service and start to use the service once they log in their Apple ID.

For Windows users, it will be necessary for them to use the Service Pack 2 of the Windows Vista OS or the Windows 7 OS to be able to utilize the iCloud. Windows users should also download then install the control panel of the iCloud service designed for Windows. Once the control panel is installed, Windows users can log in their Apple ID and start to use the service.

Users have a free 5GB storage on the iCloud although there is option to upgrade it to 10GB, 20GB or 50GB which would require an annual fee of $20, $40 and $100 respectively.