Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban on sales in Australia revoked

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was banned inAustraliaby a preliminary injunction against its sales by its arch rival Apple, has succeeded in getting it revoked and can now look forward to cashing on the crucial shopping season during Christmas. The rivals have been fighting each other in 10 countries each claiming patent infringements.

Apple had filed the suit restraining sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 inAustralia, in October, this year in the court of Justice Annabelle Bennet. Samsung promptly filed their appeal against it in the Australian Federal Court which overturned the ruling on Wednesday, prompting the Cupertino Company to appeal in the High Court. The Court has, however, agreed to grant them a ‘stay’ until Friday to enable Apple to file the appeal.

In a counter attack, the Samsung legal team has slapped a patents infringement lawsuit against Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad.  The Samsung complaint, inAustralia, relates to three patent infringements and 25 claims. It is very likely that in March 2012, a three-week hearing will be scheduled to investigate the complaint.

Apple has successfully blocked the South Korean company in theNetherlandsandGermany. Samsung has also filed preliminary injunctions against the Apple iPhone 4S inFranceandItalytoo. However, the judge inItalyhas denied their injunction request.

So, will we see the end of the rivalry between these two mobile phone companies? That seems like wishful thinking. While Apple is the champion, Samsung is the challenger and the fight goes on and they will use every trick in the trade to outdo and out beat each other.

One thing is certain though, such fierce competition will only bring out the best, proving the old adage ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. The customers can look forward to some rewarding changes and value for money products. And in the immediate future they can also get themselves a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1