Same Resolution for Samsung Galaxy S2 Despite Bigger Screen

Following the official launch event of Samsung (SEO:005930) that was held in New York City recently, observers were able to scrutinize the popular smartphone from the Korean-based smartphone manufacturer. Three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 were unveiled.

Two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Sprint and T-Mobile versions, featured the Super AMOLED Plus screen measuring 4.5 inches.

Even as speculations continue to emerge on whether the bigger display screen on the Samsung Galaxy S2 would be beneficial to the users or it would make it too bulky to handle for others, some observers have noted that it may have not made much of a difference with the resolution of the device.

The display screen of the original version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is 4.3 inches and it has a resolution of 800 by 480. With this, it was sensible to think that an increase in the size of the display screen would entail an increase in the resolution of the device in order to enhance the sharpness and quality of the images.

However it was noted that the resolution of the bigger screen versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 of Sprint and T-Mobile would still have the same resolution as the display screen of the original Samsung smartphone.

In comparison some observers noted that the HTC EVO and the HTC Ruby both have a resolution of 960 by 540. The iPhone 4 also has an identical screen resolution of 960 by 540. However when the size of the screen was increased, the pixel density of these devices will reportedly be reduced.

Although increasing the size of the screen should also entail an increase in pixel density, the Samsung Galaxy S2 maintained its resolution since displays that have low pixel densities are less costly to produce. This has led some observers to indicate that the company should have used the original model of the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the introduction into the US market.


Published:September 7, 2011


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