Retina Display May Come With New MacBook 2012

Speculations have emerged that if the upcoming new MacBook 2012 of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will feature the Ivy Bridge processor of Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), it may feature a Retina Display. This speculation was based on the latest statement from the manufacturer of the upcoming next generation processor.

With the Retina display, the new MacBook 2012 will feature additional pixels per inch due to the Retina display that it may feature since the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor of Intel has the capability of supporting display that feature more features compared to the ones being featured on laptops that are currently available in the market.

The possibility of a Retina Display on the new MacBook 2012 is high although Intel has indicated that using such a display was not required since it normally uses up battery life faster compared to display with a smaller PPI.

The new iPad of Apple uses a Retina Display, which some observers have indicated can become a rival to Apple’s other products, including the new MacBook 2012.

Latest reports have also hinted that the new MacBook 2012 will require additional processing power since it will be necessary to have a better graphics processor to use a display with additional pixels per inch. The new MacBook 2012 will allow the device to join the post-PC era which was hinted by Tim Cook during the recent introduction of the new iPad. This comes as sales of the Macs, iPhone and iPad are notable due to the physical stores of the company.

For the moment the release schedule of the new MacBook 2012 remains uncertain although reports have hinted at a possible release after the company will make the latest version of the operating system of the company available in the market. Reports have indicated that the Mac OS X Mountain Lion or the Mac OS X 10.8 is considered the best operating system of the company so far.