Reports Point to June Release for New iMacs

Latest reports from the Economic Daily News of China have revealed that new iMac models will reportedly be released by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) by June. Earlier reports had pointed to a possible release of the new models of the iMac into the market by June or July.

The reports have indicated that these new iMac units will feature the upcoming processors from Intel, the Ivy Bridge processors, which will increase the present power of the devices. The information on the new iMac offering of Apple reportedly came from sources within the supply chain of the company.

The suppliers of the new iMac will reportedly be the same companies who supplied the earlier models of the device, Foxconn and Quanta Computer.

With the same suppliers for the device, observers expect minimal changes in the design of the devices. Observers have anticipated the possible use of the Intel Core i5 and the Intel Core i7 processors for the new iMac devices. These processors will reportedly use the latest Ivy Bridge architecture.

Among the changes that are expected to be made on the new iMac devices are the anti-glare displays, which were initially used on the MacBook units of Apple. The upcoming models of the iMac are expected to be slimmer compared to the earlier versions of the device. Aside from the iMac, reports have also hinted at the use of the Ivy Bridge processors on the laptop offerings of the company.

Earlier reports have hinted at a much slimmer version of the MacBook Pro which will make them similar in appearance as the MacBook Air. Some observers are also hoping that Apple will bring the Retina Display to the MacBook offerings of the company although this remains to be seen.

The present versions of the iMac feature the Intel Sandy Bridge processors and were introduced by the company last May 2011. With the use of the Ivy Bridge processor, the new iMac units will be faster compared to the current versions of the device.

Reports Point to June Release for New iMacs