Price of iPad 3 May Be Cheaper Than Expected

As enthusiasts await the arrival of the iPad 3 in the market, the sales of the iPad have reached the 9.2 million mark despite the fact that it has a base price of $499. The sales of the tablet from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have achieved increased sales at a rather fast rate although a number of Android alternatives which have a cheaper price have gradually increased.

With this, some observers are speculating that it may be possible for the price tag of the iPad 3 may be lower than the $499 base price of the previous tablet.

In comparison, the price of Android tablets comes in a variety of models from the reasonably priced Arnova of Archos (EPA:JXR) up to the higher-priced Galaxy Tab of Samsung (SEO:005930) and the Xoom of Motorola (NYSE:MMI).

A recent report has indicated that Apple may be considering in reducing the cost of the iPad 3 to be able to cope with the increasing challenge of Android tablets to its share in the market.

The report indicated that the willingness of Apple in modifying the outlay for its products including the iPad may have increased. This will supposedly allow the iPad to be able to go up against a variety of tablets that will be placed into the market by the competitors of Apple in the later part of the year.

Since the report has indicated that Apple aims to be competitive in the later part of the year, some observers have speculated on the possibility of a cheaper iPad 3 offering within the year. Due to this it may also be possible for the price of the iPad 3 to be lower than the present base price of around $499.

Even if the iPad 3 will not have a much lower price, observers are speculating on the possibility that the iPad 2 will be priced lower when the iPad 3 will finally appear into the market. Aside from the iPad 3, observers have also speculated on a cheaper version of the iPhone which will be called iPhone 4S.