iPhone 4 Price is Likely to Decrease During iPhone 5 Introduction

Since the initial Black Friday sale may be scheduled near Thanksgiving recent reports have revealed that the iPhone 5 of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be released into the market by the middle of October. Due to this possible launch schedule of the iPhone 5, it may be possible for Apple to achieve good sales at this time and observers have indicated that it may be advisable to acquire an iPhone 4 during this period.

Apple typically releases a new version of the iPhone into the market sometime in June or July. The launch is also typically met with long lines aside from long waiting periods before the device is delivered to the customers. This waiting period can last for weeks or even months which would mean only some users will be able to get their devices on the day the product is launched.

The supposed launch of the iPhone 5 was postponed by four month which would puts it near two sales periods, Black Friday along and Cyber Monday, where discounts and savings are available for users who purchase the devices through third party retailers. If the iPhone 5 will indeed be launched during this period, it may be possible that the price of the iPhone 4 will be reduced since the iPhone 5 may take the current price tag of the iPhone 4.

The Black Friday event will also see a reduction in the prices of the devices aside from additional add-ons by a number of third party retailers especially if the iPhone 5 will be offered around this period according to some observers.

Due to this situation, some observers have revealed that the number of people who would want to acquire the iPhone 4 may acquire the device during this period when the iPhone 5 will be introduced into the market. With this some observers have recommended that users should wait for the release date of the iPhone 5 before they acquire the iPhone 4 due to the possible price reduction of the device during this period.