New Version of Samsung Galaxy S2 Revealed

A number of different versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have recently emerged with the upcoming release of the latest product from Samsung (SEO:005930) in the US market. The only version that has yet to make its appearance is the Verizon (NYSE:VZ) version of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

While the official announcement of the company has remained unreleased, observers have indicated that the company’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 may have come into view in Korea. Reports have indicated that a Samsung Galaxy S2 version which feature 4G LTE connectivity, a Super AMOLED Plus display screen measuring 4.5 inches, 1GHz dual-core microprocessor, and 16GB storage was spotted recently.

This version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 also features an 8MP camera and 2MP camera at the back and front respectively. It will also utilize the Gingerbread Android OS from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG).

However the 4G LTE radio of this version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 does not utilize the 7000MHz of Verizon, instead it utilizes an 800MHz frequency. This indicates that this particular version of the popular product from Samsung may not be for Verizon after all.

However some observers have indicated that it is possible for the version of Verizon to be bigger than the other versions that will be released in the US.

Observers have also indicated that the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 may sport a display screen measuring 4.3 inches as compared to the regular 4.3-inch screen for regular versions of the device. The processor may also be faster than the other versions of the device.

If observations are to be believed, the Verizon version of the device will be much bigger than the Samsung Within of Sprint (NYSE:S) or the Samsung Attain of AT&T (NYSE:T). Bothe of these version will have a 4.3-inch display screen. The Verizon version will also be more powerful at 1.5GHz while its rivals only have a 1.2GHz device.

The report in Korea also confirms the presence of a Samsung Galaxy S2 that will feature a 4G LTE connectivity, similar to the one offered by Verizon in its network.


Published:August 11, 2011


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