Manila Court Permits Imelda To Travel Abroad

Philippine courts allowed Mrs. Marcos, previous first lady, on Thursday to depart the country for fifteen days to visit China and Hong Kong for medical treatment as well as to appear at a trade show.

The regional trial court as well as anti-graft court gave an order to Marcos to place bonds valued 950,000 peso  equal to 10,140 UK pounds before her departure on Friday for Hong Kong and to appear before both courts within 5 days of her arrival from China.

While briefing to Reuters, Robert Sison, her lawyer said, “I feel very happy as the courts respect and recognize the right of Imelda Marcos about going abroad. In fact, I had confidence that the courts would permit her to visit countries because she strictly followed the court’s orders during the previous travels.”

On September 01 Imelda had got an appointment with the doctors in the People’s Hospital, Changchun, China in order to examine the knees. She was seeking also her eye treatment from a clinic there on September 5. Marcos had another invitation to join the third “Jilin Northeast Asia Trade Expo and Investment” in Changchun, as Sison added.

Imelda, the widow to late autocrat Ferdinand Marcos, is now facing civil and criminal suits on billions of dollars worth wealth that she hoarded in unexplained means during the 20-year rule of her husband. She is not at present in detention but she must have court permission in case of going abroad.

Imelda was famous for having a huge collection of jewelery and twelve hundred pairs of shoes. The existing government tried to auction them the previous year to remove financial crises. Marcos 78 now desires to seek an expert in traditional medicine of China for her sickness. She has not departed from the Philippines since her visit to Europe and US in 2003.