LTE in iPhone 5 is Almost Certain

With certainty, many people are already saying that iPhone 5 will indeed come with support for LTE. This is backed by the many rumors about LTE coming from different places as well as from Apple insiders themselves. Reports say that Apple is expecting to ship over 30 million units of iPhone 5 that are LTE enabled within 2012 only.

The figure on the anticipated iPhone 5 shipment is huge especially when the fact that it will be launched at the latter parts of 2012 is considered. With that number, Apple will manufacture almost 5% of all the handsets worldwide. The best part is, all of those handsets will be ready for LTE.

The number of iPhone 5 that Apple plans to create is a major share in the smartphone and mobile device market all over the world. Surely, Apple will not stop at this and will in fact continue to do everything to keep up its dominance in the world market. The key to this is LTE and it will surely stay for as long as Apple truly adopts it.

The main reason as to why Apple was not able to include LTE in its earlier devices because the feature needs some great battery power. Since a high powered battery usually comes in big sizes, Apple does not find it fitting to include it in its slender phone. However, to be able to ensure that LTE will be a part of iPhone 5, Apple will reshape the size of its battery in such a way that it will be able to provide high power without compromising the slim frame of the device.

Speculations have already been made in the past that Apple is actually looking on its alternatives for better battery technology on its soon to be released iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

LTE phones by Android have already been available for quite a while now. Nokia and HTC also offer Windows LTE handsets. Even if the feature is not yet in majority of the phones, the demand may change if Apple puts it in the iPhone 5. Thus, now may be the best time for Apple to join the 4G arena with a device that is LTE ready.