Latest Android Apps at the Android Market

A number of Android apps were released recently at the Android Market. These Android apps ranged from social networking apps to a sports tracking app. Some Android enthusiast may even consider these apps as among the most excellent Android apps available at the Android Market.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently unveiled the Google+ which basically the answer of Google to Facebook.  With its release, the Google+ Android app was also unveiled which facilitates sharing of items among users. This Android app, which is available at the Android Market, provides users a means of sending messages to contacts of the user as well as share videos or photos through the Instant Upload feature. As the popularity of Google+ grows, the popularity of Android apps, such as these, will likely increase with it.

Another Android app that may appeal to Android users is the My Beach Free app which was created by the same team which created the Celtic Garden and Spring Zen Android apps, which are also available at the Android Market. These Android apps allow users to have a relaxing day at the beach using their Android devices.

For users who are looking to have some fun with their Android devices, Gravity Home allows users to change the way their phone appears as the icons for the Android apps are made to respond to the pull of gravity while remaining very much functional. Users can also acquire these Android apps through the Android Market.

The Hulu Plus Android apps have brought Hulu into Android devices through the Android Market. Although the Hulu Plus apps are limited to a number of Android devices, users can expect more devices to be supported by the app later on through the Android Market.

Android devices were also given access to The Times as well as The Sunday Times with one of the latest Android apps that reached the Android Market. These apps provide users the news of the Times straight into their Android devices every day of the week.

Another app which may appeal to sports enthusiast is the Sports Tracker app. These Android apps, which can be acquired through the Android market, allow users to evaluate their performance, share their exercise information as well as images to friends while trying to stay healthy and fit.