iPhone 5 to be included in The biggest mobile service provider in the US

Since the iPhone 5 will be launched by the company into the market within a week, the number of reports has increased tremendously. According to earlier reports, the fourth biggest mobile service provider in the United States will supposedly include the iPhone 5 in its lineup together with Verizon (NYSE:VZ) and AT&T (NYSE:T). However these initial reports about the iPhone offering by T-Mobile were supposedly clarified by the CMO of the company.

Among the latest reports revealed that Cole Brodman, the CMO of T-Mobile, recently disclosed that the mobile service provider will not be offering the iPhone 5 within the year. The statement by Brodman piqued the interest of a number of observers as they noted that he talked about the iPhone 5 instead of merely mentioning an iPhone. Due to the statement of Brodman, some speculations have emerged among observers. One of the speculations indicated that the mobile service provider may offer an iPhone within the year although this may not be the iPhone 5, instead it may be the Apple iPhone 4S.

The second speculation that has emerged following the statement of Brodman is that the next generation iPhone of Apple may not make its appearance within the year. Instead it may be offered by the company in the coming year.

This has revived earlier reports that Apple will launch the iPhone 4S by this coming October instead of the iPhone 5. The next generation iPhone may possibly be introduced by the company during the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2012.

Although the statement by the CMO of T-Mobile does not exactly reveal the launch date of the iPhone 5, a number of observers are simply waiting for October 4, which is the date when Apple will reportedly launch the latest version of the iPhone.

iPhone 5 to be included in The biggest mobile service provider in the US