iPhone 5 Possible Features and Release Date

Reports in connection to the upcoming iPhone 5 of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have gradually started to increase as recent reports have speculated on the possible release date of the next version of the iPhone along with the possible features of the device. Speculations on the release date of the iPhone 5 indicated that it may enter the market by fall of next year. This reportedly follows the October introduction of the iPhone 4S.

Another report has also revealed that the upcoming iPhone 5 may utilize 4G LTE technology. These reports on the upcoming iPhone 5 have emerged along with reports in connection to the supposed iPad 3, which may be released into the market by February of next year.

Another report hinted at the release of two models of the iPhone 5 as indicated by Macerkopf, a German website. One model of the device will reportedly feature a dual-core processor while the second will be a quad-core device.

The resolution of the screen on the iPhone 5 may also be enhanced as Apple is reportedly evaluating different touchscreens, one with a 1280 by 720 resolution while another has a 1440 by 800 resolution. A number of Android devices are already utilizing a 720p display screen, which would give indications that Apple may be planning to top this.

Another report also revealed that an agreement was signed between NTT DoCoMo and Apple in connection to the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5. Although the accuracy of these reports remains uncertain, if they are proven to be true, the upcoming iPhone 5 may possibly be the best iPhone that will be offered in the market. Observers are also hopeful that this upcoming device will not be a slightly modified version of the current iPhone.

With these reports on the upcoming iPhone 5, other companies are reportedly preparing compete with the next iPhone offering of Apple. Among the early contenders is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS.

However it is expected that a number of other devices will be offered using this latest Android OS of Google that are expected to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5 of Apple.