iPhone 5 may have an XL Version

In the past months, rumors from iPhone5Latest.com say that iPhone 5 might become bigger but that has not been confirmed yet up to this time. Yet, there have been other recent rumors that Apple might release the iPhone 5 and its XL version. The following are reasons and probable proofs that Apple might indeed release two models of the iPhone 5.

While most iPhone users have been contented with the 3.5-inch display size, a significant number of users and prospective buyers have been asking for a larger iPhone. To satisfy users who are contented with the current 3.5-inch display and those who want a larger handset, Apple plans to produce two iPhone 5 versions. The first one would have the 3.5-inch screen and almost the same form factor, while the second will be an XL version that will feature a 4-inch or bigger screen and different form factor.

There is no doubt that there is a demand for a bigger iPhone 5, both from users of the iPhone who are jealous of many Android smartphones with 4 to 4.3-inch screen size and those who would merely be pleased to have a larger screen size. Because of this, Apple needs to supply an iPhone 5 XL.

A lot of prospective iPhone 5 purchasers will certainly buy the handset if it comes out with a screen size that is at least 4-inches in size. Despite the plans of releasing the current iPhone 5 with a 3.5-inch display together with the XL version, it is definite that the latter will still make millions of sales units.

As for the price, a larger screen size would also mean more expensive iPhone. This is just an assumption but the 3.5-inch handset might cost $199 together with a two-year contract. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 XL might cost $299 with a similar contract for two years. Also, the iPhone 5 XL might come out with storage capacity starting from 16GB, which will cost $299, then 32GB for $399, and so on.

iPhone 5 may have an XL Version