iPad 3 to enter the tablet market by February or March

Even as reports have speculated on the possibility that the iPad 3 will enter the tablet market by February or March, some industry watchers have focused on the design of the upcoming tablet from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Since earlier reports have hinted at a better resolution along with a bigger battery, speculations have risen on the thickness of the iPad 3 when it will be released with these supposed features.

A thick iPad 3 will definitely not be good news for consumers who are partial to slim devices. A year ago, the Apple iPhone 4 was favored by the Advertising Standards Authority of the UK since it had a uniform thickness throughout the device at 9.3 millimeters compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2 which had an 8.71-millimeter breadth at its thinnest portion although at some point it becomes thicker at 9.91 millimeters.

Samsung has been at odds with Apple when it comes to which company had the slimmest tablet. Following the release of the iPad 2, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which utilized the Honeycomb Android OS. This Samsung tablet was thinner compared to the iPad 2 at 8.6 millimeters compared to the 8.8 millimeters of the iPad 2.

The iPad 3 is set to be released within the year although Apple has yet to release the details in connection to the device. However reports have indicated that the iPad 3 will come with a Retina display and will supposedly feature Long Term Evolution or LTE support. These have indirectly hinted that the iPad 3 may have a bigger battery.

The high resolution touchscreen, LTE support and the bigger battery would suggest that the iPad 3 will not be as slim as the iPad 2. Observers have indicated that if these reports are true, the marketing for the iPad 3 will focus more on the internet connectivity and the enhanced display of the device rather than the slim design.

Other reports have hinted at the possibility that the iPad 3 may be unveiled by February and will be released into the market within the quarter. However, an analyst has also speculated on the possibility that the iPad 3 may enter the market as early as the coming month as indicated by sources within the supply chain of the company.