HP WebOS Coming to HP Laptops by 2012


The HP WebOS may be utilized for desktop and laptop computers of the company by 2012 aside from printers, phones and tablet PCs. According to Leo Apotheker, chief executive of HP (NYSE:HPQ), the company may distinguish their PCs from other competitors with the HP WebOS. Apotheker made the statement during a Bloomberg interview.

Palm Pre smartphone was the first device to utilize the WebOS in 2009.  By 2010, HP purchased the OS together with the Palm. Since then the HP WebOS became the OS for the Pre 2 phone and printers of the company. The TouchPad tablet PC together with the Veer and Pre which utilize the HP WebOS are currently under development by the company.

Even as Apotheker indicated that the HP WebOS will be utilized in conjunction with Windows of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Phil McKinney, chief technical officer of the company, pointed out that the personal computers of the company will utilize an integrated HP WebOS in their system. He added that HP WebOS will also enhance Windows.

The HP WebOS may be utilized in PCs to access the app for the operating system. It is also possible for the system to allow elaborate features which will allow communication between devices utilizing the HP WebOS platform.

Utilizing the platform for personal computers will be a test for the company since it would need to convince consumers of the capabilities of the platform. The future HP WebOS versions should be able to link up social networks and web services to allow the assimilation of data on devices that utilize the platform.

Assimilation may be in the future of the HP WebOS however the company should focus on providing the best features for users of the platform in the future.