Google Music Beta May Be Complemented By Online Music Store

Recent reports have pointed to the possibility that an online music store for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) aside from the Google Music Beta is already nearing its final touches. Some observers have indicated that the product offerings of Google is quite extensive which include internet search, social networking, consumer apps, an operating system, web browser, maps, and many others.

Despite this wide-ranging product offering, it still needs a music download store, which is not quite filled by the Google Music Beta since it is only limited to listening to music online. The Google Music Beta does not provide the capability of downloading music although Google may be working on dealing with this situation.

Despite numerous reports which point to the possible introduction of a music downloading service, no statements were issued by Google in relation to these reports.

Some industry watchers have revealed that the launch of the digital download store aside from the Google Music Beta is reportedly close.

The reported Google Music Beta will reportedly be linked to the supposed music download store which will reportedly offer songs at $0.99. Some observers were not surprised with the recent reports since this was supposed to be the first step of the company in entering the online music industry.

Following the introduction of the Google Music Beta, Google experienced a number of issues with a number of music publishers and record labels since these companies were dissatisfied with the earlier locker-type storage system which made the Google Music Beta service wanting.

Google has also yet to acquire licensing agreements with these companies, which Google wants to avoid after it experienced a lawsuit in connection to patent infringement.

Earlier reports have hinted at the introduction of a digital music download service before the introduction of the Apple iTunes Match. The Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) service will reportedly be introduced within the month, which gives Google little time to finalize its reported music download service which is reportedly linked to the Google Music Beta.