Beer Signs

Beer Signs

Beer Signs

Nearly every society, culture, and municipality in one way or another knows something about beer. Beer has been produced in just about every area of this great planet.

At one time it used to be that with all of the types of beer and amount of beer present that there were almost the equal amount of beer signs. Vintage beer signs have been a huge collectors item for a very long time and as the years have gone by, beer signs have evolved from the simple cardboard and tin sign right on up to today with the modern neon sign and poster boards.

The early part of the 20th century was the heyday when it came to beer signs. It was during this time that the different beer companies would have a friendly war with each other and that war was played out in who would have the better beer sign. In those early days, beer signs were mainly made of porcelain. These vintage beer signs would come in all shapes and sizes from square and round ones to ones that were made for to be displayed indoors as well as designed to put outside and tackle the outside elements.

These early beer signs were known for their intricate and attractive looks and graphics and in those days and times that was a very important part of advertising beer products because it was before television became the giant that it would eventually become, especially when it came to advertising. When it came to the porcelain beer signs of the early 20th century there were two companies that mainly made them and they were the Baltimore Enamel and Novelty Company and the Chicago based Burdick Sign Company.

All of the major beer companies of the day were known to work with these two companies to make their beer signs and if a person is able to find a beer sign that was made by one of these companies, well it is certainly a good find. Tin signs were very popular during this same time and they too advertised for all of the major beer companies.

Any collector can tell you that finding a pristine condition tin beer signs is hard because the tin was known to rust and a lot of them were always found hanging on the outside of the stores which meant that they were exposed to rain, snow, or whatever else elements that it would come in contact with. By the 1960's, neon beer signs were starting to become the big thing.

There are several neon beer signs from this day and time that are very collectable especially the top brand beers. There were also some signs from companies that are no longer around that are considered a huge find when it comes to beer signs and one of note is Hamm's Brewery with their Scene-o-Rama signs. A company called Lakeside Plastics from Minnesota were the company that were known for making these Scene-o-Rama signs and they were advanced as far as technology goes for back in those days.

Schlitz had a beer sign that is highly collectable and that was known for the iconic 'belted globe' logo that was part of the label. Some of the other companies that have highly sought after beer signs are Budweiser, Colt 45, Guinness, and Rolling Rock. Beer signs have been around for a very long time and they have been huge collectors pieces for just as long.