Android Apps Outnumbered by iOS Apps

Despite recent reports that the rapid increase of apps at the Android Market have indicated that the Android apps will eventually exceed the number of applications at the App Store of Apple, a mobile application sharing service has indicated that this is an inaccurate assumption.

According to Appsfire , even if developers of Android apps are creating a huge number of apps which will allow the Android Market to eventually exceed the App Store of Apple, the attrition rate for the Android apps at the Android Market is also higher than that of the App Store of Apple . The Android attrition rate was twice as high as the apps for iOS devices.

The report indicated that around 32 percent of around 300,000 applications, or around 95,000 apps, at the Android Market cannot be downloaded anymore. This comes as a good number of Android apps became available in the market.  In comparison to the App store, only 16 percent of the 500,000 apps, or around 80,000 apps, available have remained unpublished.

The recently released report follows an earlier report which indicated that the increase in the number of Android apps at the Android Market will increase. Appsfire has challenged an earlier report from Distimo and research2guidance which indicated that there are currently 206,143 and 294, 738 Android apps at the Android Market respectively. Appsfire is utilizing the claim of Google which indicated that the Android Market only has around 200,000 Android apps available.

According to Appsfire, the inclusion of apps that are unavailable was misleading when the reports indicated that the number of Android apps at the Android Market will exceed the number of App Store apps. When the failed apps are excluded, it will show that the Android Apps at the Android Market will not catch up with the number of Apple apps in the near future.

However the report of Appsfire has admitted that the number of free Android apps at the Android Market will likely surpass the apps at the App Store in the near future.


Published:June 17, 2011


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