3D Display a Possibility for iPhone 5

There is a recently discovered patent of Apple showing the company’s interest in 3D technology for its display. However, will this type of technology be a part of the iPhone 5? Whether one is a fan or not, the 3D technology has been an on and off trend. It was already a part of a very few movies in the 80’s. Then, a few decades later, it was revived to become a mainstay of many movies that people love at present.

The 3D hardware is not just a part of the movies that people see. Many companies are trying to utilize it for their products and devices such as smartphones. Even Android smartphones are trying to catch up in order to incorporate the technology in their device.

The attempts of Android to offer a 3D smartphone have challenged Apple to file various bold patents for 3D displays in the previous years. Past reports have even suggested that Apple has a 3D patent for a touch panel display for its iPhone, a 3D patent for multi touch gesturing and speculations of a 3D patent for a camera.

Currently, there is another 3D patent that shows an original 3D display that will follow the user’s eye motion through the front facing camera of the iPhone in order to make images of on screen objects deeper and potentially navigate the screen through eye movements.

According to Mobile Magazine, the technology will entail a front facing camera but it will also take advantage of data from the compass and accelerometer to change the perspective of the 3D visuals shown on the display of the device. The patent is useful to portable iOS devices but it may also be possibly used for MacBook or iMac’s three dimensional eye tracking. Microsoft is also doing a similar thing by utilizing Kinect for PCs.